Ear Acupuncture & Meditation


with Christina Newman, MS, L.Ac.


Only $25



Take a few minutes to take care of your body and mind.


•Improve sleep

•Reduce stress, anxiety and irritability

•Boost the immune system

•Boost energy and metabolism

•Improve mental clarity, focus, concentration and memory



Join us on TUESDAYS from 7:30pm to 8:00pm

Please call ahead to reserve your spot.


194 Birch Hill Road, Locust Valley, NY 11560


516 676 4267


This is a half hour session where very short, fine acupuncture needles are placed in and around the ear at specific points that help to calm the nervous system and restore focus.  This creates a perfect set-up to begin a peaceful meditation so that you may find it easier to reach a true meditative state. 

The combination of ear acupuncture and meditation is very helpful for those suffering from feeling overwhelmed and overworked.  The sessions will leave you feeling relaxed, centered and calm.  After each treatment, and more so with consistent treatment, you should notice the benefits listed on the front of this card.

The sessions will be in a group setting while in a seated position.  If you have never tried acupuncture this is a great way to “get your feet wet” so you may become more comfortable with acupuncture.